Kick off 2018 pre-season program

The coaching and administration staff are looking forward to welcoming you all.

Please note that there are 5 important items ensuring an efficient and smooth 2018 induction program.

1)  Training schedules for initial 2 pre-season weeks (adaptation/induction cycle):

Commencing Wednesday 8th November 2017

  • U12’s  5:45pm-7:15pm       Wednesday/Friday
  • U13’s  5:45pm-7:15pm       Wednesday/Friday
  • U14’s  5:45pm-7:15pm       Wednesday/Friday
  • U15’s  7:30pm-9pm             Wednesday/Friday
  • U16’s  7:30pm-9pm             Wednesday/Friday

NB-the training schedules will vary after the induction/adaptation period are completed. We will confirm the final preseason program dates early next week. The training schedules for the 2018 season will be confirmed at a later date.

2) Team Managers:

The ongoing support & team management for all junior NPL teams is a critical component to our football program . Ideally, we would like one team manager along with an assistant manager for every team. These roles are currently available, would love to see parents get in involved. Should you have any interest in becoming involved in the team management program, please register your interest via email to :

3) Player/Family Profile:

If you have not completed your player/family profile, please attend to it as a matter of urgency. Just click on the link below, it will take you, no more than 10 minutes!

Play/Family Profile Link:

4) Uniform sizing:

Please note that we are sizing up the players this Friday 10th November for our 2018 kits (don’t stress if you cannot make it this week, we will measure the balance of players next week). It would be great to have all players attend on Friday night, in order to ensure a smooth process  for this is very important process.

5) Player Instalment:

Finally, just a friendly reminder that the next player instalment due on the 30th of November 2017.

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