Sponsorship Delights

PR Photo 2018 Sponsors_2017-12-07_2

James Vakrinos, PMSC Club President congratulates Dan Eades from City Jeep and Robert Gulifa from Concrete Equipment Australia as our 2018 major sponsors.

Jamie Griffin, Griffin Law was also successfully drawn for the seniors kit shorts location and was unable to attend due to work commitments.

James is absolutely delighted with the support of our sponsors mentioning, we aim to build a successful relationship with each company throughout the 2018 season.

We thank our sponsors, including; Daniel Allison & Associates, Hunky Dory, Seidler Group, Alumatin, Checkpoint Building Surveyors, C3 Constructions, Dome Consulting, Corplex, Talcon Construction Engineers, Hoppers Fitouts, Pascon Group, Basilico, Lucidity, Cube Finance Group, Advance Print Scan Solutions, Wholesale Appliances, Lefkas Fisheries, Finmore Capital, Home AU Real Estate, Foundation Specialists, Red Design Group & Fundsnational.

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