Port Melbourne SC Logo_With Border                Special Resolution (Final)

A general meeting of PMSC members is to be held on Thursday 19th July 2018 at 8pm to vote on the Special Resolution outlined in the attached notice.

The club is facing a period of unprecedented challenges to its nature and existence in the coming years.  With the implementation of the Fisherman’s Bend planning scheme, it is imperative that the club engages with the relevant stakeholders to ensure it is embedded in development planning for the JL Murphy Reserve precinct.  The current board has started a process of engagement with the City of Port Phillip and State Government agencies with the aim of participating in the development process and securing a long-term arrangement for access to upgraded facilities for the club.  The current status of this initiative will be outlined at the meeting.

It is also a challenging and competitive time for NPL clubs financially, and in order to secure its long-term future it is imperative that the club increases its revenue by attracting more corporate support.  This goes hand in hand with the development of the JL Murphy precinct and the vision for the club generally, and this requires an outlook and commitment beyond the normal two-year term of a PMSC board.

The current board is seeking the support of the membership to guide the club until the 2021 Annual General Meeting.  The board feels that stability and continuity of management is imperative if the club is to achieve a secure and successful future in the current environment.

James Vakrinos
PMSC President


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