Supporting our Local Community

Supporting our local community_200714

PMSC are passionate about supporting our community and sporting endeavours.

Our gates are left open for public use outside of training and game days and have been so all year.

In 2018, council officers worked with the PMSC to improve community access to these grounds which we supported as a club board.

The majority of our board are local residence and have children who have attended local schools and appreciate first hand the need for community support.

We are also passionate about continuing our 52 year history and would welcome additional playing fields allowing us to provide a pathway for girls to progress into our two senior women’s community teams.

Major funding will be available for facilities nominated to support our successful bid to host the 2023 Women’s World Cup, by Australia and New Zealand.

PMSC with the support of the Council has been nominated as a training facility.

As a result we working with the international governing body and government departments to secure funding to improve our facilities, sharing the benefit for our club and the greater community.


Kind Regards

James Vakrinos

President PMSC

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