Player Registration

Players must register with the Club by completing the appropriate forms and paying the designated fees. Any moneys paid will be refunded if players are not selected to play for the Club. Once the Club has lodged player registrations with the Football Federation of Victoria (FFV), no refund requests will be accepted.

If planning a long-term holiday or unable to attend for an extended period, players/parents must advice the Coach or Team Manager prior to the start of the Season.

Team Selection Policy

The Club’s policies relating to team selection and match playing time have been developed from the Club’s philosophy that junior soccer should be based on the principles of fun & enjoyment, fair play, good sportsmanship, and skill & fitness development.



  • All players will play in their own age group unless deemed otherwise by the Club (Technical Director).
  • If a player is deemed by the Club to be advanced for his age group and ready for a tougher challenge, he/she may be moved up to a higher age group with the parents consent.
  • Prior to any player being moved above their age for any significant period, the Club will consider both the benefits to the individual in question balanced with the impact on the player’s current team. The ultimate decision will rest with the Club Committee.  
  • From time to time coaches from the higher age teams may ask for assistance from younger interested players if there are vacancies due to injury, illness etc.  This will be a one off or short term move only.

MiniRoos is a modified version of football, structured to address the needs of young players. The basis of MinRoos is that participants play on smaller fields and with smaller numbers. The intention is that they will interact with the ball more often and having to make less complicated decisions. The result for participants is more fun (more successful interactions) and better skill/technique development.

Playing Time – Under 9’s and Under 11’s

The Club’s policy is that all MiniRoo players are given roughly equal time on the ground during games, subject to the Coach’s discretion.

The Coach has discretion where:

  • a player does not attend training/games without reasonable explanation
  • a player is obviously injured or struggling in a game
  • a player is disrespectful towards the coach, team mates or opposition players



Club Committee

The Club Committee is responsible for managing all football operations.

Included amongst its many responsibilities are:

  • Instigating and developing the Club’s policies
  • Improving the standard of football at the Club
  • Guiding the Club in the right direction
  • Ensuring a pathway exists between Juniors and Seniors
  • Selecting and appointing coaches at the Club
  • Resolving complaints and disputes
  • Arbitrate on Codes of Conduct breaches

The Club adopts the guidelines and policies cited by the FFV. These guidelines are in place to ensure a high standard of coaching is practiced throughout clubs in Victoria. It is essential that coaches are educated, skilled and updated in rule changes, risk management and responsibilities (duty of care to their players).

The Club strives to ensure their coaches hold the appropriate Coaching Licence and Working With Children Check.